Past and present editors of Swedish App Scene. (From left to right) Allison Goh (2016), Thao Nguyen (2017), Jolyn Moh (Aug 2017 to Aug 2018), Elyssha Pantig (current)


About Swedish App Scene:

We are Swedish App Scene, we cover stories and news about the mobile application industry as well as the tech and start-up scene in Sweden since 2016. We are a bunch of people curious about technology, start-ups, and believe in the potential of mobile apps to disrupt in different industries.

This site is dedicated to the aspiring entrepreneurs and tech avids, hungry for news and insights on Swedish apps and start-ups.

We aspire to become a credible platform that showcases the thriving app scene of Sweden to a global audience.

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About Codebuilders:

Codebuilders believes in the power of mobile applications to improve businesses. They develop apps that fits the needs of your business and your customers since 2014. Their specialties range from Project Management, iOS and Android Development and UX Design.

In 2016, Codebuilders has created Swedish App Scene to be able to give back to the mobile app community. Swedish App Scene has become a platform for mobile apps to showcased to an international audience.

Since then Codebuilders has continued to provide mentorship and support for Swedish App Scene and its editors.

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