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A simple guide to home automation: the Swedish apps edition

There is more to the Swedish home than DIY furniture and minimalist design, home automation apps might be the new member to the club.

Home automation is no longer a scifi concept, the notion of ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is widely accepted and has been developed into multiple branches, home automation is one of them.

To put it simply, home automation refers to the ability to control everything around the house – from switching the light to opening the door – with a simple push of button or a single tap on the screen.

From conglomerates to startups, from tech companies like Apple, Google, Amazon to non-tech such as IKEA, innovators and experts are looking for better ways to integrate technology into the daily lives. And it all starts at home.

Here’s a round-up of some of the best home automation apps coming from Sweden.

Shortcut Labs – Flic

Flic delivers home automation in the form of a tiny bluetooth smart button. Simply connect it to the app, you can enjoy the variety of functions this nifty button offers, including playing music, switching off light, controling thermostats, ordering food and even calling Uber. The customizing option opens up many possibilities.

Furthermore, the company aims to simplify lives at an affordable cost, the Flic button hence boasts a very agreeable price for what it can do.

In recent news, the team is cooking up a Flic Hub that claims to do the same thing without the app!


Glue is a unique app that allows you to control your home security system – through your door lock. The Glue Smart Kit includes a smart lock and a wifi hub that allow you to lock and unlock your door anywhere in the world via the Glue app. No more worries about losing keys, managing keys for guest access or hiding keys under the mat.

Security lies at the core of the business, Glue’s intelligent alerts and secure encrypted technology make sure of that.


Watty_home automation_sweappscene
Credits: Watty.io

We have covered Watty last month in our Artificial Intelligence piece – what can we say, the company just ticks all the boxes.

The Watty box is an award-winning product that can be installed in your fusebox. Just download the Watty app then you can start monitoring your home appliance energy. The service promises a better understanding and control over your energy consumption.

The Stockholm-based startup’s mission is to create a more sustainable society by fostering better consumer decision. It’s home automation meets social cause, basically.


You can’t really expect an article about the Swedish home without mentioning Sweden’s most popular brand. IKEA just introduces the smart lighting collection Trådfri that can be controlled via remote and the Trådfri app. The series offer a wide range of LED bulbs, panels and doors for furniture equipped with sensor functionalities. The smart lighting is integrated with Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or Google’s Google Home as well.

IKEA also recently started their first accelerator program Ikea Bootcamp, calling for innovative startups with problem-solving motives, home automation could be one of them.

The potential is unlimited, we don’t know what the next breakthrough is yet, but the future certainly looks bright for Swedish home automation industry!

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