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Best co-working spaces for tech startups in Stockholm

Our team did a roundup of some of the best co-working spaces in Stockholm. Find out which office is tailor-made for your startup.

We all know the stories of Spotify or Minecraft, how the Swedish tech giants were born in a cabin in the woods or a dark dank sitting room. Admittedly, that makes a great from-zero-to-hero story when your startup headlining a business magazine, but it isn’t a requirement for success.

The good thing about Stockholm is that, there’s a great support system dedicated to up-and-coming startups. If you’re planning to kickstart your business in Stockholm, or struggling to find a spot to work in the city, check out this list of co-working spaces tailored fit for your each and every need.


So you’re into #GameDev >> Embassy

Tegelbacken 4A & Folkungagatan 44
embassy.house_coworking space
Credits: Embassy

Embassy is one of the rare places that offer co-working labs specifically catering to VR & gaming companies. The Folkugagatan Embassy house is a new addition in early 2017. It claims to be a dedicated Gaming hub, including ‘Tetris’ and ‘Pac-man’ conference rooms in the package.

Embassy also holds tech events and meetups frequently, follow their Twitter and Facebook for the latest update.


#HealthTech is your passion >> H2 Health Hub

Hälsingegatan 45
h2healthhub_coworking space
Credits: H2 Health Hub

H2 Health Hub is the co-working space dedicated to digital health services. This is a clear advantage if you are planning to break into the health tech industry. At H2 Health Hub you’ll have the opportunity to meet people who share the same goal and interest, and even better if you score a deal with one of their huge partners. Membership starts at 1000SEK/month.

Find out more on their Twitter and Facebook.


You love to make an #Impact >> ImpactHub & Norrkens House

Impact Hub

Sveavägen 44
Impact Hub_coworking space
Credits: Impact Hub Stockholm

ImpactHub describes itself as a business incubator, innovation lab and community of social entrepreneurs. ImpactHub has built an impressive network of over 17000 members all over the world, making it the largest network of social entrepreneurs. Membership price starts at 190SEK/month, including free pass to events and seminars organized by Impact Hub.

Follow their TwitterFacebook and Instagram for more updates on programs and events.


Norrsken House

Norrken House_coworking space
Credits: Norrken House

Norrsken Foundation stands out in its combining focus of modern technology and social impact. The organization offers incubating programs, investments as well as coworking space. As member of the Norrsken House, you will share office space with some of the most innovating social startups in Sweden, namely Karma, Welcome App & Just Arrived.

Find out more about Norrsken on Twitter and Facebook.


If #FinTech is your thing >> Stockholm Fintech Hub

No 18 co-working space, Centralplan 15
Stockholm Fintech Hub_no18_coworking space
Credits: No18.se

Stockholm Fintech Hub is the first space for financial tech ecosystem in Sweden, and second biggest fintech hub in Europe. There is never a dull day at the office, you will have the chance to share coffee and handshakes with banks, regulators and investors daily as part of the resident membership package.

Find out more on Twitter and Facebook.


You’re all about #StartupLife experience >> SUP46 & The Park


Regeringsgatan 65
SUP46_coworking space
Credits: SUP46

SUP46 is the leading startup hub in Sweden, with over 800 employees all over Sweden. Evidently, the perks of being a member of SUP46 includes access to numerous startup events and chances for partnership and investment with SUP46’s partners. Better yet, SUP46 offers open workspace and a startup cafe for both members and non-members!

Follow SUP46 on Twitter and Facebook.


The Park

Sveavägen 98 & Hälsingegatan 49
The Park_cowroking space
Credits: The Park

The Park is part of Sprout Park Group along with SUP46. With two offices and four kinds of membership, The Park’s got you covered, whichever vibe your startup is looking for  – Corporate New York or Bouncing Berlin. Their current members include Uber, Fyndiq and Liveguide.


You’re part of the #CreativeClub >> Knackeriet, The Castle Slottet & GT30


Svartmangatan 9
Knackeriet_coworking space
Credits: SafeDesk.net

Knackeriet is located at a national heritage building in Stockholm’s Old Town. Perks of working in the historical building include access to meeting room with interior design dated back to 1780, not to mention amazing view of the courtyard Cepheusgården – the greenest secret garden in the area. Flexible seating, fixed desk and rooms are available though you have to apply for membership. Don’t forget to ask for discounts while you’re at it, they’re willing to help!


The Castle Slottet

Slottsbacken 8
The Castle Slottet_coworking space
Credits: Noww.se

The Castle Slottet is the new addition to Stockholm’s thriving market. The Castle is big on creatives, expect loads of work-hard-play-hard activities here, namely art space, yoga room, and chairs that come in all shapes and size – just because. Understandably, The Castle community is crawling with people from the creative industry.

Learn more about them on Facebook and Instagram.



Grev Turegatan 30
GT30_coworking space
Credits: Summit.se

GT30 is one of Helio‘s working offices in Stockholm. It poses itself as a space for the curious and creative. Here you have the chance to meet 500 different people with the same mindset, whether in investment, design, tech, public relations, film or music industry. The dynamic GT30 offers all sorts of extra service, such as bakery, restaurant, gym, and of course, a podcast studio!

GT30 also hosts various exclusive events, keep up to date with them on Facebook and Instagram.

Sweden’s housing crisis creates a great arena for co-working space in Stockholm, catering to the niche Swedish market. You can also extend your search to EpicenterGOTO10, THINGSNo18, Helio (become our neighbor at Sveavägen 9!), United Spaces, etc. A great site to browse and book is workaround.se, where you can find information about the latest available offices all over Sweden.

We hope this guide helps you hunt down the best office space to build your startup. Catch up with all the latest new @sweappscene on Twitter and Facebook

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