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Infographic: Swedish game industry

Find out the basic fun facts & figures of Swedish game industry and the world’s best-selling sandbox game.

The Swedish game industry, albeit relatively young, has been enjoying a great share of global success. Last year, the Games Association estimated that one out of every 10 people in the world has played a game from Sweden. Today most Swedish games are directly launched on international market.

So how did it happen? The fact is, Swedes are serious about gaming. Some attribute it to the harsh weather condition – what else do you do to get through the dark and long winter? That idea has become quite outdated, considering the huge amount of creativity and hard work poured into the games here. People are starting to treat game development less as a hobby job, and more like a career path. It is no coincidence that the revenue for game developers in Sweden has doubled over the last two years.

Though things have been moving pretty fast, the industry success didn’t happen overnight – and definitely should not be taken lightly. It is young but full of potentials, and it is blowing up.

This week we celebrate the Swedish game industry by presenting this fun infographic about the industry and one of its beloved children: Minecraft. Data are collected and inspired by Dataspelsbranschen and Mashable.


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