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These Stockholm indie app houses are shaping Sweden’s app industry

A quick look into the Stockholm indie app scene, featuring five companies that are transforming Sweden’s mobile app industry.

We have covered Stockholm tech scene in the past, from a startup perspective to the #STHLMTech ecosystem. The Nordic capital is home to roughly 22,000 tech companies, including 5 unicorns, 3 of which got an exit. Big tech brands aside, Stockholm also hosts thousands of startups and local indie software development companies, whose big vision makes up for the small resource. These rising stars continually prove that, size doesn’t matter, quality does.

So what characterizes these indie app houses? They are privately held and run by a small team. They work hard to keep the lights on, figuratively and literally speaking – the dark Swedish winter has a reputation to uphold. Despite all that, they deliver apps just as cool as any major companies, and manage to contribute to the community in their own way.

We took our initiative to put together this list of five Stockholm indie app houses that are shaping the Swedish app scene today.


Credits: dribbble.com/kollegorna

Kollegorna is not your ordinary Swedish app house, yet it can’t get any more Swedish. The company trumps at UX/UI, and has a knack for interaction design.

Kollegorna’s projects are as fun and spontaneous as the April Stockholm weather. They range from an eHealth tool to a robot that mixes drink, not to mention a Chrome extension that blocks you from shopping snacks (yes there is an extension for that). Furthermore, there is an interactive Tech Radar showcasing all their latest favorite tools.

But the work doesn’t stop there.

Their codes are open source, and everyone can access the step-by-step recipe to Kollegorna magic. Kollegorna also runs a snowboard business on the side – talking about quintessential Swedes.


Bowtie is a Stockholm based app studio specializing in UX/UI design, with a focus on Apple products. The four-men team gathered experiences from working with some of Swedish most innovative companies, such as Klarna, Tink and Lifesum. On top of that, they have a podcast about running an app development company, among other cool nerdy things.


Will & Skill

Credits: willandskill.se

Will & Skill  is a young but full of potential development company that has won Hack for Sweden 2016. Their list of global and local clients includes Nike, Siba and Pensionsmyndigheten. They write extensively about app dev too.



Credits: frontcell.se

Frontcell is a agency based in both Stockholm and Malmö. The company designs and produces mobile solutions for a variety of clients, namely fastfood chain Max Hamburgare, network operator Telenor, and the Church of Sweden (not your average Church app). There isn’t much else to say, let the Frontcell products do the talking.



Credits: Codebuilders

Codebuilders is the company behind the app development operations of Swedish brightest startups in e-commerce, gig economy and social printing. Codebuilders stays true to their indie status in their curiosity for new concepts, and interest in impactful products.

Aside from their main code building/bug fighting job, the Codebuilders team runs a super cool (non-profit so far) initiative under the name of Swedish App Scene (sponsored post alert!) to introduce and promote Swedish apps and startups, because:

1) Sweden produces great apps

2) No one has dedicated a channel to the Swedish app industry yet

3) The Swedish app industry deserves more awareness and exposure

So what is the takeaway message here? The Stockholm indie app houses are united by the pocket sized human resource, strong community sense, and the endeavor to reach for the stars. We hope you learn a thing or two about the Stockholm tech scene from this, and perhaps inspired to join us!

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