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Five must-follow #STHLMTech Twitter accounts

Find out the notable individual Twitter accounts that help grow the Stockholm startup ecosystem, a.k.a the humans of #STHLMTech.

In 2013 the Stockholm startup scene joined forces to create a single hashtag #STHLMTech for all events, happenings and news about startups in Stockholm. The hashtag has become an info hub of Stockholm and Swedish tech scene locally and globally.

#STHLMTech’s success is a collective effort of the whole community, based on many individuals’ contribution. Read on to find out the five notable individual #STHLMTech Twitter accounts, if you haven’t followed them already!


Tyler Crowley @steepdecline

Tyler Crowley is the father of #STHLMTech. The original idea is to create a flag for the community – in this case, a hashtag, hence #STHLMTech. The hashtag has grown beyond the online sphere, it is now embodied in the physical form of monthly event STHLMTech Meetup and annual STHLMTech Fest, organized by Crowley and the team.

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On Crowley’s Twitter account, you’ll find the most important updates of @STHLMTech , and Crowley’s brilliant comments on technology, entrepreneurship, Donald Trump, among other things.


Joseph Michael @josephstockholm

Joseph Michael is Head of Startups/Tech at Invest Stockholm – the official investment promotion agency of Stockholm.

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Michael’s Twitter is a good place to start for anyone interested in Stockholm startup/tech scene. His Twitter is filled with #STHLMTech data, infographics and all things Venture Capital. Twitter is also where you get the latest update of his Medium posts, where he provides detailed listing and evaluation of Stockholm tech startups.


Maral Kalajian @maralkalajian

Maral Kalajian is a digital marketing star, opinionated Twitterer, and an (unofficial) ex-ambassador of #STHLMTech on @Sweden. Kalajian is probably one of the most sought after digital maketers in the Stockholm startup scene, for good reasons.

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It is no surprise that Kalajian’s account attracts followers from all sorts of industries and interests. The lady breathes Twitter. She constantly updates, and knows how to keep her tweets light and playful. Kalajian’s feed is a nice mix of industry insights, personal muse of the digital world, and her awesome Stockholm #startuplife at Watty.io.


Mikael Zillén @MikaelZillen

Headline reads: “The media just want bad news”. Yes, yes we do.

Mikael Zillén is the founder of Box Communications, and senior advisor in investor and media relations. Twitter is where his personal passion for digitalization, startups and communications shines through. Get your #STHLMTech PR strategy and investing advices from his account!


Neil S W Murray @neilswmurray

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Murray is a familiar face to not only the #STHLMTech crowd but also the Nordic tech community. He is the founder of The Nordic Web, and on the side runs a pretty insightful newsletter series. Follow his Twitter for all the latest updates about regional startups and venture capital.

Of course, there are many other people and organizations that contribute to the #STHLMTech ecosystem, and we are happy to be a part of it! Follow us @sweappscene for more interesting stories and latest updates about Swedish mobile apps and startups.

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