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The ultimate app guide to run your business from anywhere

The great thing about the mobile age is that you can work wherever and whenever you want. Learn how to run your business more efficiently with these Swedish apps.

Meet our hardworking entrepreneurs: Emelie, Tom and Sven.

Emelie has a side business while maintaining her desk job. She has difficulty finding time for both without affecting work performance.

Tom is an aspiring entrepreneur. He travels a lot for work but struggles to run his business remotely.

Sven has a local cafe that he runs with four employees. Sven wants to improve the service but doesn’t have large resources.

If you find yourself in the shoes of Emelie, Daniel or Sven, this app guide is for you. Read on our app suggestions to run your business more efficiently!


Simplified expense management: Companyexpense

Credits: Companyexpense

If the name is not suggestive enough, Companyexpense simplifies your expense management by leaving all the hardwork to the app.

Companyexpense app supports your business and organization to handle all expense related works. Employees can store and receive digital receipts, automatically calculate accounting of all expenses, manage internal and foreign allowances, handle expense reports, and send expenses directly to financial systems.

Companyexpense helps reduce workload and paperwork, hence easier and more ecological expense process. The app is developed by Findity AB, Sweden’s award-winning sustainable fintech company.

Download Companyexpense app on App Store and Google Play.


Bookkeeping on the go: Digitala Företaget

Having trouble keeping track of all those administrative tasks? Let Digitala Företaget take care of them for you. The app helps with handling accounting, billing, along with driver’s log and expenses, in the simplest way. Above all, it provides a graphical overview of your business to keep you informed about your finance.

Within the app, users can scan and store receipts, create invoices, manage reminders, make timesheets, get reports and forecasts of the business.

Digitala Företaget works as a liaison between business and accounting firm. The data will be accessed by your agency, reports and communication will be pushed through the app. This workflow helps keep your bookkeeping expense to minimum, while saving time for you to do more important things.

The app is a product of Björn Lundén Information AB, developed based on their 30 years of experience in the bookkeeping service.

Get Digitala Företaget on App Store and Google Play.


Streamlined retail management: Zash POS

Zash POS ensures the smoothest retail management by a modern point of sale (POS) system that cannot be any simplier. The apps include Zash POS for retailers, and complimentary Zash Order for customers. The service is best for retail entrepreneurs lacking budget and IT resources.

Pose itself as ‘simplified commerce’, the Stockholm-based company offers affordable cloud POS system that works with all payment methods. Zash POS takes it a step further by integrating tools for handling bookings and orders, marketing campaigns and staff management.

Zash Order includes services such as preorder, reservation, delivery, payment, customer feedback and redeem marketing offers. Enjoy extending your reach and interaction with customers – without developing your own app!

Zash is backed by Nestholma – a global accelerator that partners startups with big corporations such as Nordea and Microsoft.

Learn more about Zash from their website getzash.com.


Social media marketing made easy: Gaddr

Credits: Gaddr

Reach your full social potential with Gaddr! This app solves all your social media marketing needs, and best, it’s free!

No more cluttered app folder, Gaddr is the one-stop station for all your social media feeds. Furthermore, it opens you to a network of billion users from all social platforms. Brands and businesses can reach users, influencers and update on social trends quicker and easier. Unify your contact list in one place, and reach the right person via the right app.

Gaddr is a dreams-come-true app for strategic-thinking multitasker. It takes away all the social media marketing legworks, so you can focus on developing great content, with an overview of all your social channels and users in mind.

Gaddr, like its millennial founder, is a young but full of potential startup. Give it a try at App Store and Google Play.


Professional networking at ease: LunchBack & SEVN

Every day there are many networking events all over Sweden, but how many of them can you attend, and how many meaningful contacts can you make out of these? The answer is hard to tell, but there is a more guaranteed and effective way of connecting, and that’s what LunchBack and SEVN are trying to do.

We have covered LunchBack before in our article Best Apps for Newcomers to Sweden. LunchBack is a professional matchmaking app, it helps you reach your networking goals by matching you with the right person, and setting up a lunch appointment where you can meet and discuss. Sweet and simple!

While LunchBack offers an alternative way of professional networking, SEVEN tries to improve the quality of networking events by facilitating communication before, during and after event.

With the app, users can create their own event, post event pictures and videos, see and chat with people in close proximity. They can also attend event virtually, and live streaming in real time. SEVN app is under development, but has garnered a lot of media attention after receiving SEK 2M of funding from Wellstreet.

We hope you find these apps helpful, and maybe learn some tips to optimize your business operations.

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