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Best apps for newcomers to Sweden: From making friends to finding jobs

We understand the struggle of coming to a new country, knowing no one and adapting to the culture – everyone in our office has been a newcomer to a foreign land. Sweden can be a bit different when it comes to meeting new people, the country is not like some other places where you can strike a conversation with strangers on the street. You can still try your luck, but there are easier and modern ways to make friends and build your life here in Sweden. All you need to get started is a smart phone and internet connection – to download these apps!

Read on to find out how these three apps help tackle the most common issues met by newcomers to Sweden: integration, networking and finding jobs.

Say Hej to intergration: Welcome App

The best and quickest way to integrate is to meet the locals. That’s how you practice your Svenska, learn about the culture and build your network. Welcome App is all about that and more. The app connects newcomers with locals in the form of a digital handshake. Welcome is born in the wake of Sweden’s refugee crisis, and has been widely featured on both local and international media since its release. What’s more? The social enterprise is founded by an awesome ladyboss!

Build your professional network: LunchBack

LunchBack has been claimed by its customers to be better than LinkedIn for networking! So how does it work? The app has a AI bot named Magic that links you to the people you should meet and sets up lunch appointment for you. The virtual assistant matches you up with other professionals based on your goal, and learns from your review and feedback to improve the matchmaking results. The award winning startup is run by Jimmy Zhao, who himself has experienced the struggle of creating meaningful connections in Stockholm, and successfully built his network from using LunchBack.

Find jobs in a new place: Gigstr

Gigstr offers a solution for people who are new to the job market and looking for the quickest, simplest way to work. The on-demand staffing company provides ongoing and time limited gigs internationally. Gigstr users can just sign up and apply for gigs that suit their experience and preference. The app is neatly designed for maximum efficiency with minimum job processing efforts for both workers and employers. Gigstr is especially good for the young, international individuals who look for flexibility in work: you can work whenever, wherever and how often you want!

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