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Meet the female bosses of the Swedish app scene

It is a well established fact that Sweden is leading the world in gender equality and startup scene. The country is making great effort at incorporating the two, tackling the age-old challenge of tech industry as a male-dominated field. This week we look at the inspiring profiles of four female bosses and how they have made a name for themselves in the Swedish app scene.

Emma Rosman: Founder & CEO of Welcome App

Credits: sverigesradio


Welcome App is Sweden’s most talked-about mobile app in 2016, and Emma is its front-woman. Following the refugee crisis here, ‘Welcome!’ app is a platform that connects newly arrived refugees and local Swedes. The app facilitates communication between asylum seekers and local residents to break down cultural and language barriers. Prior to Welcome App, Emma has gained years of experience at big digital services Blocket and Uber, but her quest doesn’t stop there. It has always been her passion to improve people’s lives using technology, and Welcome App is a result of that. Watch Emma’s TEDxTalks to learn more about her story and the app.


Elsa Bernadotte: Co-founder & COO of Karma

Credits: breakit.se


We have written thoroughly about Karma in our App Review, but little has been said about the person behind it. Freshly graduated from SSE, Elsa started her job at luxury brand Chanel as a junior brand manager. A year later, she resigned to co-found her first business Pop Fruits with Erik Lindblad. The duo’s frozen fruits sticks were a great success, eventually sold to a British company in 2015. By then Elsa has already worked on her next project: Karma app. The social enterprise serves as a meeting point between sellers and buyers while helping to reduce food waste here in Sweden. “The goal this year is to save one million meals”, said Elsa in an interview with breakit.se, and the girl-boss is determined to achieve that.


Louise Fritjofsson: Co-founder and CEO of Vint

Credits: breakit.se


Training app Vint was founded in July 2014 by Louise Fritjofsson, but it was not her first stint as an entrepreneur. At 19 years old, Louise started her first company Popsox, an subscription based pantyhose e-commerce store. In 2008, she and Carl Fritjofsson founded AdProfit, an advertising network. Though none of the two companies become global success, Louise’s entrepreneurial journey carries on at Vint, taking her from Stockholm to San Francisco. The app aims to disrupt the fitness industry by providing instant book access. There are ups and downs (big downs at times), but Louise’s response is to turn on her power song and storm forward. Read more about Louise’ life lesson as a female entrepreneur at her Medium.


Victoria Bastide: CTO of Lifesum

Credits: breakit.se


Lifesum is another Swedish App Scene’s favorite. Since 2015, the company’s tech team has been amazingly led by Victoria Bastide. Her story is undoubtedly an inspiration to female engineers out there. Victoria has spent over 20 years in engineering organizations, most of which at VMware – Dell Technologies’ subsidiary company in Sillicon Valley. One of her biggest challenges, in Victoria’s words, is spending half a year, in her mid 20s, in Bangalore, India, setting up VMware branch office. Coming back to Sweden in 2014, Victoria started right away as Development Manager at SVT. Over a year later, she joined digital health app Lifesum as their chief technology officer. It was a natural decision for Victoria, Lifesum’s good team and working environment certainly facilitated the transition. Victoria’s everyday joy includes helping people become happier and healhthier, in addition to spending time with her two sons.

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