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“In healthcare, it is all about trust” – KRY CMO’s Anders Hallin speaks out

Anders Hallin is a guy who wears multiple hats. With a past experience that range from software to the wellness industry,  he has worked in the early days of Skype before proceeding to launch multiple startups of his own. Today, Anders holds the position of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at KRY, a medical technology app company that offers patients a way to communicate with doctors online.

We spoke to him to find out more about the growth of KRY and his own personal convictions which led him on this journey.

Tell us a little about yourself and what attracted you to work at KRY?

I have a great passion for growth and marketing projects and worked in this field for many years now. I started out at Skype and that was before it became the Skype which we all know today. When I first joined the company, it was still undergoing massive changes and I watched how it slowly increase in volume once the business started to expand. This experience made me go on and pursue new ventures myself, not just in Sweden but also in other countries. One of the other companies I founded, Saltside for example, was taking the Swedish online ads -Blocket model and bringing it into other countries like Sri Lanka and India.

Anyway, I found myself always working on ideas that tap into new market potentials and this process is always very exciting. Skype was doing something new for their time and they were offering people a way of communication that was not yet available in the market. This is makes it very similar to what KRY is doing right now.

We want to make healthcare accessible to everyone and we want to reduce the time and effort needed for patients to contact their local doctors. You will be surprise how there has always been talks about eHealth in Sweden for a very long time and yet, there is still so much more that can be done.

Credits: KRY

“There has always been talks about eHealth around Sweden for a long time and yet, there is still so much more that can be done.”

What is the biggest differences you found working in this sector as opposed to other  type of businesses? 

When dealing with medtech/eHealth sector there is definitely more regulations and it is not always so easy to break into a market like this. Compare this to say, a business like Spotify, you can just talk to the record label owners and make deals but you can definitely not do the same for healthcare.

It is trickier but KRY is taking on this task very seriously and we are very proud of making sure that we understand the regulations even before we begin anything. Our focus is currently in Sweden and we are keeping ourselves updated constantly about the laws here so that we know what are the requirements and how we should continue to follow them very strictly.

What about when it comes to marketing? Is difficult to persuade people to use this app or what about the doctors? Are there also any concerns when it comes to business models/sales etc..?

Oh about that, I am not very worried because healthcare is a necessity and when it is a necessity, there is bound to be people who are willing and able to pay for it. Right now, KRY is simply dedicated to provide the best healthcare experience for anyone who uses it that means both doctors and patients.

The responses have been great so far on both ends. We have a review feature in the mobile app which ensure that customers’ satisfaction is always of the highest priority. As for the doctors that spoke to us, their goal has always been to serve and connect with patients as much as possible and KRY is making that happen.

Lastly, what do you think we can expect from KRY in 2017? 

Our concern now is to get the word out for KRY. So far, there has been no major issues on the technical side of the app , we are confident of this aspect and we know the service works.

“The thing about being in healthcare is that it is all about trust.”

That is our focus now. We grow best when people download the app, try it and then recommend to their friends and families. This happens for both the patients and doctors and it is how we can get more people on board with the idea. This what we are and will be working on, building and establishing trust in KRY.

To find out more information of the KRY app and how it works, you can head over to their website at www.kry.se or watch SVT’s coverage about the company (in Swedish) here.

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