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Sweden’s Audio Powerhouses

Despite the initial subdued nature of Swedish culture, the truth is that it has no problems turning the volume up when it comes to innovation in the sound and music industry. It is well and alive, kicking and breathing, it is expanding and above all, it is in a state of constant technology revolutions.

What else can we expect from the nation that brings you the catchiest beats from ABBA in the 80s up till Zara Larsson of today? Looking beyond Spotify, these are some other mobile applications which are seeking to challenge the way we listen and how we listen.


Credits: Acast
Credits: acast

For many listeners, there is a wide array of podcast selections available on multiple platforms with Apple’s own Podcasts app being one of the pioneers in this medium. Nevertheless, given all these options, how are listeners able to discern quality podcasts from quantity and how can they find something that truly engages them? In a highly competitive and saturated market, acast was formed to work with podcasters and advertisers to bring listeners the best of curated content through their app.


Credits: Auddly
Credits: Auddly

How does one even begin to explain Auddly? Well for starters, the mobile application is not developed for the regular consumer but rather, it puts the focus on music creators and the music making process. Auddly touts itself as a service for songwriters to establish better control and management over the song writing process. With heavy weights like Max Martin behind this company, the Auddly app is one half of the platform that dedicates itself to a specialised community of passionate music makers.


Credits: Pacemaker Facebook
Credits: Pacemaker Facebook

Think of it like having a DJ with you on the go and that is essentially the beauty of this app’s offering. With its slick design and user interface, Pacemaker recalibrates the old fashion idea of a mixtape to reach new heights of cool. Through the app, anyone can be a DJ and combine music effortlessly without having the need to score the talented chopes of Avicii.

Soundtrack Your Brand

Source: Techcrunch
Source: Techcrunch

Compared to the previous mentions, Soundtrack Your Brand might be the youngest contender to date in this list of innovative audio apps but that does not mean it can be underestimated. Founded in 2013, the founders hold a strong affiliation with Spotify Business to target businesses in offering them the music of their choice. With its own app, Soundtrack Business acts as a remote control for business owners to suit the musical tastes of their own target audiences in any location.

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