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What does the term “on-demand economy” means for the app industry?

If you are familiar with reading technology news, you will see the term “on-demand economy” appearing a lot these days especially to describe the rise of mobile apps catered to delivering goods/services on the go. The objectives can be summarized as such: we offer you X, wherever and whenever you want it.

In this case, “X” becomes the variable in the formula for instant gratification and this is not necessarily a bad thing.

To be clear, the “on-demand economy” is not a new concept. Food delivery services has been around for ages and business owners have always been trying to meet customers’ demands quickly. However thanks to the success of Uber which perfected the technique of match-making consumers and producers, we are only beginning to realize the potentials of the mobile application to fully harness greater speed.

In the race against time, mobile apps complement the on-demand economy so well together because it offers a point of easy accessibility and convenience for people like never before. Smartphone users already have a habit of reaching out for their devices when in need so it only make sense that the next step will be to maximize its abilities. Beyond the delivery of consumer products, lets take a look at some of more unusual business services popping up here in Sweden that has already jumped onto the bandwagon.

Credits: www.facebook.com/gigstr/
Credits: www.facebook.com/gigstr/

Gigstr promotes an “on-demand” workforce through their app. The goal is to bring job seekers to offers through an instant application process. Working schedules and other information are also updated and published inside the app.

Credits: fliffr.com
Credits: fliffr.com

Fliffr is an app for sourcing specific skill sets online. Services are conveyed through live video sessions and it offers users immediate troubleshooting for well…all kinds of problems. If you can find a #hashtag for it on the system, you are free to request for consultation.

Credits: www.universalavenue.com

Universal Avenue offers an “on-demand” salesforce for companies. While it operates as a business to business (B2B) service, the focus on speed remains the same. Companies looking to expand can expect quick scalability with on-the-ground sales agents or “brand ambassadors” as they call it.

Credits: Wopter Facebook

Wopter offers users on-demand fitness and music trainers at their requested timings, places and prices. The app is not launched yet but is already on the lookout for recruiting various instructors ranging from yoga to guitar teachers.

It should come as no surprise that speed is the currency for the digital age we thrive in today. The on-demand economy and app industry are certainly working together to accelerate this process of not just gathering data but also translating it into reality fast.

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